U Hradiska

The solved place is located approximately 2 km north of the center of Olomouc east of the Jablonsky road. The selected place is characterized by its position. On the north side it connects to the garden part of the courtyard consisting mainly of family houses, on the west it adjoins the three-storey basement apartment building U Hradiska 26, the southern part is bordered by U Hradiska and Na Vlčinci roads and to the east is Čelakovského road and public greenery. The design consists of three buildings that respect the urban relations of this locality. The base material was created by determining the construction line with knowledge of the location of the underground sealing wall Farmaku, the zoning plan requirement for the receding third floor and block structure, the investor's requirement for efficient land use and quality housing, defining a local landmark in the form of a higher corner house and finding answers to issues related to the quality of modern living. The first and second buildings are similar to three-story buildings. The floor plan is a simple "U" -shaped mass. The part connecting the two wings lies on the construction line, contains two main entrances to both wings and the main entrance and exit. This part forms the street facade with the receding third floor. The wings form a space with gardens, terraces and loggias used for living. The second building has an atypical part in the northeast corner, which was created to creep Čelakovského Street and is used for garages with cellars. The third building is atypical with its urban form, which is designed as a three-storey trimmed rectangle with a receding fourth floor. It is a small corner building designed as a local landmark, which is connected to the second building by a roof, ensuring the connection of buildings protected against bad weather due to the use of parking capacity of the second building. The material solution corresponds to the definition of public space, copies the shape of the building lines and creates a materially unique object worthy of a corner local landmark.

Dynamic, playful, complex and at the same time simple. These are the words that shape the architectural design of new buildings, which are based on a thorough understanding of the place, the assignment and the present. The prismatic nature of the whole reflects the functionality, practicality and character of the surrounding buildings. At first glance, the irregular arrangement of the overhanging loggias enhances the dynamics of the entire composition, adds the necessary lightness to the whole and creates a scale suitable for residential living. The basic compositional elements are the masses of the buildings (the first and second object truncated by the letter U, the third object truncated rectangle) and the suspended loggias. The basic material solution was designed sensitively with the intention of respecting all requirements with optimal use of land. In the next phase, we supplement the simple mass with a system of suspended loggias, which will create a unique character of the design. The loggias were created according to a single key, but several types were created with the intention of making optimal use of the layout and creating a pleasant composition of individual elements. On the ground floor, the loggias are wide, often delimiting the space of the entire apartment and connecting it with the garden. On the second floor, the loggias are narrower, often serving as a terrace for the living room, leaving the other rooms sunny and with a wider view. The top floor uses the ceiling above the loggia one floor below and uses it as a terrace. To ensure shading and reduce weather conditions, we add a simple roof to the opening. This creates a whole spectrum of different variants of outdoor living spaces for the target customer. The first and second U-shaped buildings have a courtyard part used on the ground floor for parking, on the first floor the roof of the garage is used as green, supplemented by terraces, gabions and nets for climbing plants.