ARTERA ATELIER s.r.o.  is an architectural-urban planning and design office providing comprehensive services in the construction industry with a focus on large-scale projects such as residential complexes, administrative centers, etc. We focus on complex proposal, design, architectural concept, we process complete project documentation, we provide engineering and investment activities, technical and copyright supervision, management, coordination and implementation of constructions, property valuation, real estate activities and more.

Thanks to the experience gained from dozens of successful implementations, high work productivity using the Graphisoft ArchiCAD software enabling 3D project control already during the design process, originality and an individual approach, we offer a high standard of the aforementioned services. 


The architectural and design office dates back to 1992.
ARTERA ATELIER s.r.o. team members they are the authors and often authorized investors of more than 2 000 apartment units in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Zlín, Olomouc, Přerov, Teplice, České Budějovice, Bratislava, Žilina and others cities.

Our company was also an investor on behalf of its members in some constructions,
which financed and sold apartments in the following locations:

  1. Pahorek in Olomouc - Hejčín - 42 apartment units
  2. Kaskády Nová Ulice in Olomouc – 500 mil. Kč
  3. Tabulový vrch in Olomouc – 950 mil. Kč
  4. Kaskády Hejčín in Olomouc – 150 apartment units
  5. Multifunctional building Sokolská 5 in Olomouc – 70 mil. Kč
  6. Kaskády Hranice (co-investor) – 110 apartment units


On the construction site in Hranice (3x 36 apartments), his team also performed the function of general construction contractor - coordinator of all sub-professions, with significant technical and economic success. This building was also nominated in a nationwide competition for the title Building of the Year. All the buildings managed by his team and their apartments have always been hopelessly sold and are among the best-selling apartments on the real estate market.


The company has two directors
and that Ing. arch. Ladislav Opletal and Ing. arch. Miroslav Strnad.


Ing. arch. Ladislav Opletal

Architect Ladislav Opletal is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Technology in Brno with a focus on the construction of housing complexes and urbanism. He founded his first design office already in 1992. He also founded several development companies and a number of housing cooperatives for the construction of residential areas and individual buildings. Among other things, he participated in the project preparation of 2,000 apartments, not only in Olomouc, but also in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Bratislava, Žilina and other cities. Among the most interesting projects is the administrative tower house BEA centrum in Olomouc. From the development activities of companies and cooperatives, the construction of Kaskádové domy® campuses in Olomouc with a total investment cost of approximately 1.5 billion crowns.

Ladislav Opletal has a wide field of activity. He designs various types of architecture - from interiors, residential buildings, office buildings to business or hotel centers and public facilities. Designs new buildings and reconstructions. Within the scope of each project, he deals with urban planning solutions and the cultivation of public space in the given locality, among other things. Its architecture is based on clear forms, on a continuous dialogue between the interior and outside space, and on significant transparency bringing natural light into the interior. At the same time, each building is complemented by green areas, greenery is also often used as an element forming an integral part of the design.

His motto is to live and work at 100 percent. He does not say that it is always possible and that it is easy. But he's definitely been trying to do it all his life, because he doesn't like half-assed things. He experiences a feeling of satisfaction when he knows that he has really put his all into it - whether at work or in everyday life. In his free time, he is engaged in recreational sports, especially hiking, yachting and skiing.



Ing. arch. Miroslav Strnad

Architect Miroslav Strnad is a representative of the modern generation of Czech architects. During his studies, he traveled to North America, where he was interested in F. Gehry's buildings. However, he gained the most valuable experience here by studying the nature of American national parks. After graduating from Brno architecture with honors, he won the prestigious national architectural competition Kaplicky Internship.

He gained work experience in Tokyo at architectural studio Makiko Tsukada Architects, where he learned new possibilities of working with space and light and understood the sense of material and detail. Already during this stay, he was working remotely on smaller orders in the Czech Republic. He left Japan fascinated by the modern architecture of exposed concrete and glass.

Another valuable experience was a year spent in London at one of the largest British architectural offices, Allies and Morrison. In a team of architects and engineers, working on large projects (the urban design of the NEW CAMBRIDGE urban district or the LCF LONDON university building), he improved his comprehensive design approach and his ability to search for and evaluate alternative solutions.

After returning from abroad, he founded with Ing. by architect Ladislav Opletal company ARTERA ATELIER s. r. o. based in Olomouc. His buildings are contextual and feature a strong readable concept. He designs buildings that are modern, functional, clean, purposeful, smart in the sense of efficient use of resources, characterized by their long-term durability and always appropriate scale. In his portfolio of project implementations also includes larger buildings and ensembles.

Miroslav Strnad likes architectural challenges. He approaches each task entrusted to him individually, visionarily and conscientiously. He prefers the possibility to carry out the project through all phases of preparation and implementation.




One of the successful projects is Kaskadove domy®

Kaskadove domy® with terraces are a phenomenon. Their attractiveness for clients lies in the concept itself. The apartments have a spacious terrace based on the philosophy of arranging the rooms of a family atrium house.

The combination of advantages, which include the possibility of parking in the building, protected privacy and an open view of the surroundings full of greenery, creates quality living comparable to the comfort of a family home. At the same time, through many years of development and optimization of the cascade-type house, we managed to find a solution that ensures economical and fast construction. Cascade-type apartment buildings are copyrighted by industrial design PVZ 2001-33578.


Our core team, supplemented by a number of external collaborators, consists of:

Ing. arch. Ladislav Opletal
Ing. arch. Miroslav Strnad
Ing. arch. Kateřina Dudíková
Ing. arch. Dominik Zvelebil
Ing. Tomáš Pressburger
Marek Smékal
Dan Krejčí
Marta Bulinská
Yu-Chen Strnadová
Radim Bulinský
Ing. Hana Tomaštíková
Mgr. et Mgr. Martin Tomaštík
Kateřina Bendová
Lenka Machancová



U Hradiska, Olomouc, 2022

Rezidence Kašparova, Olomouc, 2021

RD Pod Obřím Vrchem, Karlovice, 2021

BD Lamely Příbor, Příbor, 2021

8 RD Chomoutov, Chomoutov, 2021

Loggias Kotíkovská, Plzeň, 2021

Přestavba domu Štoky, Štoky, 2021

Přestavba Váhostav Žilina, Žilina, Slovensko 2020

Kaskády Nový Jičín, Nový Jičín, 2020

Laboratoř růstových regulátorů, Olomouc, 2019

Faunapark Čestlice, Čestlice, 2019

Kaskády Hranice, Hranice, 2018

OC Glacier, Čestlice 2018

Rezidence Fanderlíkova, Prostějov, 2017

Kostel Seslání Ducha Svatého, Brno, 2017

Spiral tower hotel, Praha, 2015

Bytový komplex Na Chmelnicích, Plzeň, 2015

Rodinná rezidence Praha, Praha, 2015

Polyfunkční dům Sokolská 5, Olomouc, 2015

Rodinné domy Hejčín, Olomouc, 2015

Nová škola Chýně, Chýně, 2015

Duchovní centrum Spirituália, Olomouc, 2015

Rekonstrukce historického domu, Olomouc, 2015

Wellness hotel Repechy, Repechy, 2014

Rekonstrukce letištní budovy, Brno, 2013

Rekonstrukce a dostavba farmy, Vlčnov, 2012

Vila Pisárky, Brno, 2012

BEA centrum Olomouc, Olomouc, 2011

Polyfunkční dům Tabulový vrch Olomouc, Olomouc, 2008

Kaskády Hejčín Olomouc, Olomouc, 2008

Obytný soubor Tabulový Vrch, Olomouc, 2008

Kaskády Šternberk, Olomouc, 2008

Lokalita Pražská - východ, Olomouc, 2007

Obytný soubor Nová Ulice, Olomouc, 2006

Bytový dům Fischerova, Olomouc, 2005

Obytný soubor Žilina, Žilina, Slovensko, 2005

Obytný soubor Nové Sady, Olomouc, 2004

Bytový dům Olomouc, Olomouc, 2004

Bytové domy Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovensko, 2004

Kaskádové domy Brno, Brno, 2004

Obytný soubor Hranice, Hranice na Moravě, 2003

Obytný soubor Pardubice, Pardubice, 2003

Kaskádový dům Zlín, Zlín, 2003

Administrativně obchodní komplex TESCO, Olomouc, 2001

Kaskádový dům Přerov, Přerov, 2001

Bytový dům Pyramida, Olomouc, 2000

Bytový dům pro Spojené arabské emiráty, Spojené arabské emiráty, 2000

Obytný soubor Barrandov, Praha, 1999

Přednádražní prostor v Olomouci, Olomouc, 1999

Bytové domy Konstruktiva, Praha, 1999

Kaskádové domy České Budějovice, České Budějovice, 1998

Kaskádové domy Teplice, Teplice, 1997

Bytový komplex Velká Ohrada, Praha, 1996

Administrativní komplex TESCO - GEODES, Olomouc, 1995

Úprava areálu Pavelčákova-Lafayetova, Olomouc, 1994

Kaskádové domy Ostrava, Ostrava, 1994

Bytový dům Pahorek, Olomouc, 1992

Slovnaft Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovensko, 1989




Cascade building sketch