Residence Fanderlíkova

The basic idea of ​​the proposal was to create a quiet and pleasant semi-private space full of greenery that offers high added value to residents in this attractive location. We designed a sophisticated U-shaped apartment house that fulfills all the requirements for a modern comfortable living. The shape of the house is chosen in the context of the surrounding area and continuously follows it. The eastern and western wings are connected by a northern front, which is very sensitive to the lightness and optically to enlarge the space of the inner atrium full of light and fresh air. By lifting the house halfway up to the ground, enough privacy was provided for ground-floor apartments. Basement is designed for parking. The architecture of the house is made up of a combination of balconies, loggias and terraces, which are an ideal place for everyday rest. The building's material is based on the contrast of the white façade and the receding darker roof areas. This color combination is enhanced by the color accent of green used on the dividing elements of the loggias. The idea of ​​the idea was the theme of light and greenery. High-quality materials with emphasis on precise detail were used during design.