RD Chomoutov


The subject of the solution is the design of eight new family houses on the outskirts of the Olomouc - Chomoutov district. The construction program is limited to three types of family houses with the usual functional content serving family permanent housing. Part of the solution is also the provision of additional functions in the form of garages, landfills, technical facilities, etc. The aim of the proposal is to provide new housing options in the development area. The content in terms of residential use aims to create a quality place for living and relaxation.


The solved place is located south of Chomoutov by the main road No. 466 on the right side upon arrival from Olomouc. The solved area is characterized by its position, as it borders this road from the west side. However, access to the land is from the opposite side, from the local road. From the north, the project is connected to the terraced development of seven family houses, from the south there is an exit from the road No. 446 to the newly emerging residential area. The proposal addresses two basic types of family houses, namely houses with a gabled roof and houses with a flat roof. Houses with a gabled roof are simple two-storey buildings facing the local road. The orientation and slope of the roof corresponds to the secondary terraced buildings. Materially, the houses are spaced apart by a single-storey part of landfills with a flat roof, which connect the front gardens with the gardens and create enough storage space. Houses with a flat roof soothe and lighten the whole composition and are divided into two types. The first type is the outermost house from a series of houses, which is ground floor and also contains a garage. The second type is a continuous ground floor house, which is also the smallest and does not contain a garage. Access to the land of each house is direct from the local road. Within the front garden, there was an area for parking two cars at each house, the outer ones also have a garage. Access to the main entrance is direct, barrier-free. The garden part of each house is private, terminated by a noise barrier, which is to ensure acoustic comfort and safety when staying in the garden and in the house.


The design of eight family houses behaves as a compositionally balanced whole and not as a set of eight houses. Two-storey houses with a gabled roof giving the whole dynamism, drama and an unmistakable character. On the contrary, single-storey houses with a flat roof create a calming counterpart and consolidate the whole intention. Two-storey houses are simple utilitarian buildings based on the archetype of a family house. The white houses complement the associated wooden parts of the landfills, thus achieving a harmonious whole. Ground floor houses are simple utilitarian buildings sensitively complementing the whole composition. In terms of material, the houses are unified and limited to the basic pallet, namely white plaster houses, wooden cladding of additional parts of the building and anthracite accessories (roof, windows, screen for containers, etc.).