Multifunctional building Sokolská 5

On the site of the original dilapidated two-storey building, which was removed at the end of the twentieth century, we designed a new building, which combines many advantages with its technical and architectural solutions. Reinforced concrete skeletal construction system, ensuring maximum flexibility, based on reinforced concrete drilled piles, will enable long-term variable utility properties. The vertical division of the façade into the lower part of the ground floor, the middle part and the upper part, terminated by a sloping roof, follows the traditional scheme. The layout of the window openings, subject to the new dynamic order, is naturally balanced in its scale and installation and in harmony with the surrounding buildings.

The combination of modern and traditional proven materials, referring to local patterns, is timeless in its detail. The construction of a multifunctional building in the historical part of the city of Olomouc will thus be a contemporary modern architecture respecting the historical environment. This project is underway.

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The official website of the REAL SOKOLSKÁ project has also been newly launched.