Lamely Příbor

The design philosophy is based primarily on the competitive assignment, a small scale of the local urban structure, the principles of sustainability, ecological requirements for construction and current requirements for comfortable living.

The design of apartment buildings is based on three basic properties of Vitruvius - firmitas, utilitas, venustas, or strong or durable, useful and beautiful. The design reflects today's dynamic times and creates individual living with a high degree of privacy, while being minimalist, in terms of understanding the resources used and the creation of architectural space.

The concept of the whole development can be perceived as a composition of parts forming a unified whole. The main compositional element is an apartment building, which is modeled with a sculptural feeling. The basic mass of the apartment building is divided into two blocks, the size of which has been optimized to achieve an ideal layout. A larger block contains larger bytes, a smaller block a smaller one. The next step was to move the blocks apart to create the main centralized entrance and raise the blocks above the ground to ensure privacy, lighten and amplify the whole composition.

In the next phase, both blocks in the front and rear were recessed with the intention of creating spacious private loggias. Afterwards, the loggias were fitted with a free-form lamella, creating a characteristic feature of the design, increasing intimacy, a feeling of privacy and security, and strengthening the identity and individual character of each loggia.

From the point of view of sustainability and quality of the indoor environment, a green non-drainage accumulation roof is considered, which will support biodiversity and retain water at the point of impact. Loggias with slats will help reduce overheating in the summer months. A clever construction solution will reduce the generation of waste during implementation. The use of local quality materials ensures a long service life, a quality indoor environment and reduces the carbon footprint of the design. The color and material design of the design refers to the character of the city's historic center. The wall surfaces are treated in plasters in natural sandstone tones.