Laboratory of Growth Regulators

Dynamic, progressive, functional, crystalline, elegant and at the same time simple. These are the words that form the architectural representation of the new building, which are based on a thorough understanding of the place and the assignment.

The prismatic and modularity reflect the functionality, practicality and character of the surrounding buildings. The fracture enhancing the dynamics of the whole composition, in turn, speaks of what is happening inside.

The whole concept of the new building can be perceived as a composition of parts forming a unified whole. The basic compositional elements are the two wings of the building, the space between them, the entrance portal, the collar for the terrace and the outer envelope.

The wings of the building are utilitarian buildings with a rectangular floor plan, in which all work activities take place. It is a dispositional three-story building with generously designed strip windows. The space between the wings is a three-dimensional medium for the movement and meeting of people. It is a very dynamic space, in the middle of which passes the boundaries of the break of the whole building. This helps to optimize its use and size. At the same time, instead of breaking, it imaginarily ends the corridors of both wings. The main entrance also opens into this area. The dynamics of the space is further enhanced by a system of stairs, balconies and bridges. The concept used is inspired by the plant kingdom. The space between the wings behaves similarly to a tree trunk. Branches are connected to it at different heights, similar to the corridors of the wings, which further branch into separate rooms.

The outer envelope of the building, made of glass slats, has several important functions. It combines individual indoor operations into one unit, creates a protective shell against external influences, is a shielding element and shields events inside and outside the building. Its material nature refers to the abundant use of laboratory glass.

The entrance portal and the collar to the terrace are elements that disrupt the unifying mantle of the outer envelope, are acknowledged and mediate the transmission between the inner and outer environment.

Panoramic 3D visualization

1. Interior - Main hall

2. Interior - Multifunctional room

3. Interior - Corridor between offices and laboratories