Church Seslání Ducha Svatého

The design of the Church “Seslání Ducha Svatého” with the spiritual center in Líšeň, Brno answers the question: "How should the contemporary church look like?" Analysis of the site, awareness of the character and requirements of today's time, historical and cultural continuity and liturgical changes of the last century gave rise to 7 points of the architecture of the new church. This program describes the new liturgy, defines the form of the subordinate community of believers, characterizes the work with the material envelope of the inner space, establishes the relation between the horizontal and the vertical and the curved and rectangular, explains the theme of orientation and work with the interior. The final urban and architectural solution is based on these assumptions.
The spiritual center, consisting of a multifunctional hall, a classroom, a club-room, a rectory, a cafeteria with a library, and underground garages with technology, is geometrically rigid, layered and precisely fitted, while church is completely different in its shape and scale, indicating functional and sacral differences. The abstract form of the church refers to the inviolability of God. The interior of the Church is a place of silence, a pure and noble space, formed by higher order principles. Another important way of expression becomes light as the creator of the spiritual space. An important part of the proposal is also the principle of organizing a church with a spiritual center around the inner square opened to the south by a wide entrance staircase.