Wellness hotel Repechy

The task was the renewal of the farmhouse and its completion to an accommodation facility extended by other services. The farmhouse is situated in a small village Repechy near the town of Prostějov and it is complemented by two other unused buildings. In the second half of the 20th century, the rectangular farmhouse with a yard was roofed, the interior walls were partially demolished and interior space was used for keeping the cattle. This had a large impact on current condition of the object. Aggressive environment and high humidity, for which the structures were not designed, significantly accelerated the process of degradation. Later, the cattle were moved away and the original farmhouse has been deteriorating until these days.

Currently, the object and its surroundings are in a bad condition. Most of the constructions are damaged and it is not possible to use them anymore. The only part worth saving is the northern tract where precious historical chambranles and other plastic decoration were preserved. Surroundings of the object are overgrown with wild vegetation. The aim was to preserve and bring out valuable parts of the original object and find them appropriate use under specified conditions.

The proposal deals with the removal of three sides of the rectangular farmhouse and with preservation of the northern tract in the form of a torso. The extension is based on the original farmhouse. It extends the original boundary of the built-up area to use existing structure and so it creates the first volume which symbolizes the traditional static form. A rotated duplicate of the first volume then characterizes a modern and dynamic approach in architecture. The final design of the extension is created by synthesis of both volumes as an evidence of coexistence of a traditional and modern form. The designed extension has one floor, locally a basement and a second floor.

The extension is also characterized by using cor-ten ventilated facade which exceeds the attics to different heights and thus creates fractional structure which can be viewed from different angles as an idealized set of traditional roof gable walls or as a geometrized silhouette of landscape. The dynamics of the extension is also supported by the foldable window shutters which provide shape transformation of the facade according to visitor’s needs. The function of the guest-house Repechy is mainly to provide accommodation of different categories. There will be also a reception desk, a restaurant with facilities, a fitness area, a wellness area with a swimming pool, accommodation for the staff and a permanent exhibition showing historical development of local area. It is considered to create an Englishstyle garden on the building plot, including a mini-arboretum, a pond and a party area. In the future, the process of redevelopment could continue by the reconstruction of the existing southwest building into the horse stables accompanied by a paddock. 

The project is a study.