Hall Sokolská 7

The Sokolská 7 Olomouc multifunctional theater hall underwent an expensive and sensitive reconstruction, when the historic space of the hall was cleaned in a very poor technical condition and returned to its original form. Stucco plasters and solid oak floors created a quality base for the insertion of new elements, which required a new functional use. New lighting, stage and curtains have been added. These elements are sensitively incorporated into the interior and co-create a new balanced whole.

Thanks to these modifications, the hall gained new possibilities of use as a theater and lecture hall, exhibition hall, presentation hall. During the day it is used as a space for lessons, trainings and other movement exercises such as Flow yoga, Rehab yoga, Flexi-bar + X-co, K + K2 functional training, SM system - healthy back, Woudink, Fit Pain Free, Alpinning and next.
However, the hall can also be used for weddings or conferences.

More information about lessons and the possibilities of using the hall can be found on the website of the OL Movement Center here.